Monday, August 3, 2009

Sonny With a chance

As mentioned before…

The club is on Stardoll!


You could use a scandinavian manual proxy or try out

Suggested manual proxies: port 8080 port 80

Enter the club and invite 5 friends to the club for the blouse to be yours!

To invite friends:

The transalation is :

August 21. 6:35 is the premiere of the new comedy, sonny with a chance on disney channel.

Sonny with a chance is about the talented girl Sonny, that after she let out her home-made videos on the internet, are discovered by a famous TV producer. She was offered a role in the popular series “So Random!” And move to LA to try out as an actor.

Join us and celebrate her with a cool premierefest, you’ll find celebrity and party tips here!


There’s also a Sonny with a Chance scenery:

Sonny Scenery
(Credit to Stardoll Insiders)