Saturday, October 17, 2009

I need helperz!

I need helpers for this blog! I suckz alone! D: Please!


  1. i'll help ya! as long as u live in north america or the uk. most of the cheats only work if ur there

  2. i am free to help , my mom works for stardoll and so i know loads of cheats , i am giving up stardoll so im not a ss but if u want to contact me im mmiisssladygaga

    1. Add me im SassyMurry please hep in need things

  3. okay , i wanna cheat for some money ? any help here ? i could use some !!! or some free clothes ! ?

  4. i will help but can u put out more cheats for australia

    im becki_bear14 on stardoll add me

  5. I will help u. I have TONS of cheats! I'm Skapyak on stardoll. I'm from the usa but i do lots of international cheats with proxies. Add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi , I can help , I know alot of Stardoll cheats and with me you can beat all websites + I can tell other people on Stardoll to use this website.
    Violenin ( Stardoll name )

    P.S. Please join my club! ( Violenin )