Sunday, April 3, 2011

OUR COMEBACK! :) +Writer Contest.

Dear readers,
Sorry I haven't been posting...AT ALL.
I took a long break off of Stardoll and all of my blogs and am making a comeback! :)
The thing is... I can't do it alone.. so I am asking for help. I am holding a contest (right now) for any interested to write for this blog. Anybody can sign up, but only 15 will proceed to the first round.
Fill this out in a comment:
Stardoll Username;
How long you have been using stardoll;
How long you have been reading this blog;
Why you want to write for this blog;
Country you live in;

Thank You !! :)


  1. shaz919
    around 3-4 3 years on this account i only just found this blog around a month ago but it is really good :) i want to write for this blog because i enjoy writng blogs i actually have my own sd blog
    i live in australia :)

  2. I an MissCoolDude101
    I have played on stardoll for about 2 years
    I have been reading this blog for six months
    I want to write for this blog because I love stardoll I know loads of cheats for stardoll and i love writing blogs.
    I live in england

  3. Hey! My name is Nancy and my account is awesomedudette1. I have played Stardoll for about two years and about one year on my awesomedudette1 account. I have been reading this blog for about four months now and I am really surprised at how good it is! I want to write on this blog because I have loads of good ideas, I have used to have my own blog about outfits, ( What is HOT or NOT? That type of stuff. I don't write on it now) and because I know lots about Stardoll and lots of people that are Superstar and Royalty. I am an Aussie too and proud of it! :)

  4. sorry it didn't work on stardoll it is hotmail

  5. hiya i love to work for you but i can't
    but could u plz put me in one of those add
    things that say ... is my name stardoll is my game. my nickname is galwaygirl2011
    oh and im selling my other account rtdoherty
    plz visit me

  6. Hi my name is Andriana and my Stardoll username is Littleprettygal.
    I've been using Stardoll for about 2 years and about a month.I have been reading this blog for ruffly about 4-5 months now and I'm surprised about how fantastic and brilliant it is. I can't believe it.
    I write in this blog i want to express my
    ideas out,what outfits are HOT OR NOT and way more. I know loads about Stardoll and Superstar and Royalty.
    Im from America. I'm a Black-American

  7. Hi! My name is Celeste! User- Dec.09
    I've been using stardoll for about 3 or 4 years! I've went to this blog many times before, and just saw this post today. Its pretty cool. I'd love to do this blog, because I've never done one before. I know lots of tips, cheats, and glitches. I love to help stardollers! (people who use stardoll) I live in Canada! ;) please think about it?

  8. I Am LadyShabby
    I Can't really Remember How Long I have Been On Stardoll, i think it About 1 Year And A Half
    To Tell you the truth This Is The first Time i have Checked out this Blog, It Looks really Good
    I want to write For This Blog Because I Dont Know Everything About Stardoll But i Want to Learn More And Because I Know I Will Make Some Totally Awsome Friends(:
    I live In England (:

  9. My Name is Meljune
    I have been on stardoll for a few years
    I have just started reading this blog
    Well I love stardoll, and I am a good writer (I have a blog myself that is about music) and I think it will be really fun :)
    I Live In England

  10. Hi Girlygirls4812!
    My stardoll name is FlozzarinaDevil
    I have been using Stardoll for 3 years and 6 months
    I have been reading this blog for about 2-3 months (but I don't comment) cuz this blog is fab!
    I love writing and especially writing blogs

  11. Torri896
    I have a account that i made 2 years ago that i really don't use or more forgot
    I've got alot of freebies in clothes and furniture and i like to talk

  12. My Stardoll username is dayzimay2 and i have been on stardoll for about 2 years but i have had many different accounts. dayzimay2 is the one account that i have decided on.

    I have been on for Stardoll about a month but i love it. I's an amazing blog.

    I would like to write for this blog because i love writing and i think that i would be a great addition for this blog. I also know many cheats to get free clothing. Also i have great spelling!


  13. Stardoll Username: queenbaileymiss

    How long you have been using stardoll:1 year

    How long you have been reading this blog:11 months.

    Why you want to write for this blog: because i find it amazing and a pleasure to write on this blog. i have lots of ideas and can bring lots to this blog.

    Country you live in: i live in london, england

  14. hi :) my name is gabz :P i have been using stardoll for about 6 years and i have 7 accounts :) !! i have been reading this blog for everytime i would go on stardoll so 6 years :) i want to write it because i find it awesome and interestinjg i have lots of cool things in mind ....i live in australia :)

  15. my name is clarrissa i have used stardoll for 6 and a half years i am an aussie girl (australia) my favourite thing to do is write so i wouldnt want to miss this oppitunity my stardoll username is jack55998 and i have been visiting this site for 3 years i have found all the cheats i use on this site

  16. Omg ive found a free code for stardollars! it worked.